Drop-out compared

2011 April main page tutorial first second page last page
nl 7 steps 6616063 22809 3655 746
de 7 steps 36578909 10295 3217 1041
en 9 steps 146254073 26483 13219 2572
sv 9 steps 3627675 505 899 258

These numbers compare the tutorials in different Wikipedias. For example the tutorial in Dutch Wikipedia has nine steps; its first page is linked via the left side bar and this causes quite a lot of clicks. From the first to the second page the Dutch tutorial looses a lot of viewers, and in the end from 22,809 only 746 endure.

Other tutorials are not linked via the left side bar, and have considerably less views (in comparison to the main page). But it seems that they keep much more readers from the first to the last page. In Swedish (sv) Wikipedia the second page has much more views than the first one, possibly because other pages in that Wikipedia link to that second page (and others). The loss from first to second page seems to be the biggest in Dutch Wikipedia.

Lessons to learn:

  • Have on your main page and left side bar a link to your tutorial
  • Take good care of your first tutorial page, if it is confusing you immediately lose a lot of people
  • Whether you have seven or nine tutorial pages seems not to be too important