Wikimedia Chapters Conference 01

Chapters ConferenceSitting now in the big room of the Cluboffice in Berlin, the venue for the Wikimedia Chapters Conference.  Yesterday a smaller number of people came together as Chapters Committee and Movement Roles Group (more about that later). At the moment we are experiencing the “State of the Chapter” session 1 with one third of the chapters presenting their work and prospectives.

The presentations, each in 3 minutes, are always quite different of course. Again and again we hear from the activities of the previous year, about a chapters relationships to museums, universities and so on, and their dedication to Wiki loves monuments. Fine, but in spite of the instructions online for the presentations, hardly any speaker exceeds the listing up and gives a more analytic overview. In some cases, it was a good idea that the facilitator Anja asked questions and made it a kind of interview. Still, it is good to see the representants and link faces to the names.

Sometimes a novelty project is presented, e.g. the Wikimedians in Washington, D. C. had a project with blind people. Nice guy from Estonia: ‘No money, no problem’, but even without much funding they are very active in ‘our little media empire’.


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