New board Wikimedia Nederland

Wikimedia Nederland has a new board, elected yesterday at a members convention in Utrecht.

Who left:

* Marco Swart, who came in the association originally for Wikimedia subjects lobbying, as a deputy mayor of a larger Dutch city found it difficult to make the time.

* Maarten Brinkerink was occupied with cultural heritage and leaves the board for personal reasons, but wants to stay active in the field.

* For Jane Darneel the same is true.

* Siebrand Mazeland was one of his 1 1/2 board years the secretary of the association.

On the board remain:

* Paul Becherer, up to now the treasurer, is now longer on the board than anybody else.

* Ziko van Dijk, the president, wants to make more of the learning time he had invested about national and international Wikimedia affairs.

* Cyriel Brusse came to the board in October 2011.

New on the board are:

* Frans Grijzenhout, since 2011 a member of the association.

* Sandra Fouconnier was informed about the board vacancy by Maarten, and she is interesed in contacting cultural heritage institutions as well.

* Sarah Morassi could not attend the gathering.

* Ad Huikeshoven was auditor of the association for six years and now wishes to be the new treasurer.

Members of the auditing committee are now two former board members, Ronald Beelaard (treasurer until 2009) and Mark Wesbeek (treasurer until 2010).

Thanks to all who supported and support our mission!


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