Just another survey on Wikipedia, you lost me

From time to time I am asked to take part in a survey on Wikipedia. What are your motives to edit etc. Usually, I am willing to help people who are doing research on the free encyclopedia and am happy to see later the results. But the last time I more and more refuse to answer.

It seems to be that some researchers (often students) hardly know anything about the processes in Wikipedia, and that they don’t know previous surveys with a similar interest. Honestly, sometimes I have the impression that a student wants to get easy study points and makes a list of questions in the time between news and weather report.

Does it make sence to answer a question about my ‘membership’ in Wikipedia? Did I ‘join’ Wikipedia in order to ‘improve my methods’? What is the difference between ‘because I can see the fruits of my work’ and ‘because I can see my work / my accomplishments’?

It’s more of the same, I miss any innovative approach. And I am sorry, after having answered to the Wikimedia Foundation surveys, I don’t see the need to invest time in this kind of surveys.


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