My Wikimedia week

A short post on my last seven Wikimedia days. From 2-4 December Wikimedia Nederland hosted the second GLAMcamp, a seminar on cultural heritage. Besides the Wikimedians we welcomed (on Friday) a number of representants from our partners: Stedelijk Museum, Tropenmuseum, Europeana. The Wikimedians produced some papers and visited another partner, the Amsterdam Museum.

Videos from a conference in Berlin were posted with a connection to Wikimedia Deutschland, ‘Ins Netz gegangen’. Among them was a report from Oliver Sander, Bundesarchiv. He mentioned the many great advantages from the Bundesarchiv – Wikimedia collaboration that started in 2008, with an import of ca. 90,000 pictures to Wikimedia Commons. But there was one big downside: many reusers of the pictures, outside the Wikimedia movement, did not meet the reusage requirements. This is bad because the Bundesarchiv has granted to many original rights holders that it will look after e.g. the name attribution.

On Thursday, the WMNL met in Utrecht. Among many other things we discussed (again) about the multitude of information channels we have. Twitter, Facebook, our WMNL website, our other websites, our WMNL wiki, newsletter, Wikipedia project pages, several mailing lists… maybe we should more concentrate on some of those channels instead creating only more.



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