Wikimedia Nederland and Heemschut: partners in cultural heritage

Symposium on cultural heritage and new media at the open air museum, Arnhem

On November 11th, 2011, Heemschut ended the festivities of its anniversary year. The one hundred years old Dutch association is occupied with cultural heritage. In 2011, it was our partner with regard to Wiki Loves Monuments.

At a panel discussion I thanked for the collaboration and mentioned some strange facts about Wikipedia and Wikimedia: being in the top ten of the most popular sites in the Netherlands, we have only one part-time employee; we have a youth problem meaning that we have a lack of senior citizens; and if you have ever read a Wikipedia article, maybe it was written by a 13-year-old.

People were astonished but not as much as they were pleased when I reminded them that Wikipedia is only 10 years old, that Facebook and Twitter are huge for less than 5 years, and that 100-year-old Heemschut is possibly going to outlive them.


One thought on “Wikimedia Nederland and Heemschut: partners in cultural heritage

  1. As to the possibility of Heemschut outliving Wikipedia: the diner after a Wikimeet in Utrecht, a few years ago, I asked u number of Wikipedians whether they thought Wikipedia would be around in (then) five years’ time. Everybody agreed as to the answer: it was impossible to say. As to the “youth problem”: I often wonder why not more senior citizens have taken up contributing to Wikipedia as a hobby. It’s something you can do behind your own desk, generally there is no deadline to meet, so you can research your contributions thoroughly, yo u have a lifetime of experience to fall back on… Vutters, where are you? (“Vutter” is the Dutch colloquialism for someone who has taken early retirement.)

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