Wikimedia Nederland changes and stays the same

Utrecht cathedral tower (Michele Ahin, CC-BY-SA)

On Saturday, October 22nd, the Dutch national organization of Wikimedia gathered in Utrecht for a general assembly. The attendance was low, but what to expect with the ever growing number of meetings in the Netherlands? Together with the WikiSaturdays and Stamtafels, there is a wiki-meetup nearly every or every second week (see our website).

The assembly was the third this year. We discussed and approved the budget for 2012, elected Cyriel as a new board member (thanks to Austin Hair, he left for private reasons), and aboved all talked about the events of the past months. Maybe the most important point was the change in the hiring policy: Wikimedia Nederland is now searching a director who can help build up the future professional organization.

Lodewijk Gelauff at 2006 Boston Wikimania

Vadim Zaytsev presented the preparations for our big annual meeting, the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland on November 5th. Lodewijk Gelauff explained the success and impact of Wiki Loves Monuments, the pan European Photo Contest.

Eventually, the president had a little surprise for Lodewijk and the other members. Lodwijk is one of the two subscribers of the original statutes of Wikimedia Nederland, from March 27th 2006. Subsequently he has been for five years on the board in various positions. When he left the board this year in april, we didn’t really stood still at the fact that five years are a long time especially in a young man’s life. A small photo album with pictorial memories and friends’ quotes may represent the thankfulness of the Dutch Wikimedia community.


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