Pupils love Wikipedia, teachers hate it?

Wikimedia Deutschland’s blog made us happy with two studies about Wikipedia and school in Germany. 38 % of pupils, on the one hand, consult Wikipedia. But many other activities and sites are more popular: search engines, children sites, video clips, online communities and e-mails.

A different study, part of the (N)onliner Atlas 2011, asked 305 teachers face-to-face. How do they prepare for lessons? Do they use Wikipedia, search engines, online material from publishers, government educational material, online networks for teachers? Exactly those and more, in this order. 53,8 % use Wikipedia, much more than the special web sites for teachers (lehrer-online: 37,1 %).

Wikipedia is used by 1 % of the teachers in nearly every hour, by 14 % several times a week, by 20 % for about once a week, by 40 % several times a month, by 18 % for about once a month, by 7 % less than that.

In general, the use of online services depends very much on age. 69,7 % of the teachers below 35 years use online networks, only 34,7 % of those above 50 years. Online educational platforms are used only by 27,3 % even of the younger teachers.




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