Wikipedia on book shelves

Brockhaus and Wikipedia in comparison

Part of the comparison between Wikipedia and other encyclopedias are the book shelve comparisons: How many volumes would a printed Wikipedia fill?

I made some clicks on the “Random article” button of Wikipedia in German, and then made a PDF of the articles. Then I estimated that one PDF page is the equivalent of two-thirds of a page of Brockhaus Enzyklopädie (the 30 volume edition of 2005/2006).

So I calculated that the 1,250,000 articles of Wikipedia in German could fill 675 Brockhaus volumes. This picture here tries to give an impression. Of course it were better if a skilled graphic artist took over the task and show a library with Wikipedias in different languages, as well other encyclopedias.



One thought on “Wikipedia on book shelves

  1. This wouldn’t fit in my living room, I’m afraid. But on the other hand, Wikipedia contains rather a lot of information on stuff I’m not really interested in, so I would be reluctant to spend scarce wall space on that. But that’s OK, being just a collection of bytes Wikipedia merely takes up some space on a number of servers in San Francisco, I’m not paying for it to be there and it doesn’t get in my way. And when I want to know how to get by metro form the Gare du Nord to the Gare d’Austerlitz -which is just something that once came up- Wikipedia was the first place to look. It took me less than one minute to find the answer.

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