Wikileaks world heritage?

Today Jimmy Wales appeared in German media with his call for making Wikipedia UNESCO World heritage. The media were quite reluctant in cheering. FOCUS says that there are not much chances considering the UNESCO rules. So Wikimedia wants UNESCO to introduce a new category for something like Wikipedia. Lets be honest, asks a dpa reporter, isn’t it also a PR action? Wales: “This is too big a word. But no question, it is about showing the public that Wikipedia is not only a website but a cultural phenomenon.”

ntv believes that the thresholds are high. There is no suitable category, and projects cannot nominate themselves, only governments can do that. “Wikipedia wants to try.”

“Between difficult and forlorn” are the chances of Wikipedia, according to Peiner Allgemeine. “Cathedral of Cologne, Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu – Wikipedia?” To some people this sounds like a joke. Is it only a PR gag, answering to the falling numbers of collaborators? obviously made a typing error when it wrote that a place came to existence where information can be exchanged in a unique way, that’s the rationale why Wikileaks (!) should be made world heritage.


5 thoughts on “Wikileaks world heritage?

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