Wiki loves monuments goes Europe

Example from WLM 2010: Havezate de Magerhorst, Duiven (Gelderland). Monument no. 14176

‘Wiki loves art’ was a Wikimedia initiative the Dutch took over in 2009: In June that year, people all over the Netherlands took photographs of art objects in museums and uploaded them to Wikimedia Commons, the Wikipedia media archive. In 2010, the hunt continued under the name ‘Wiki loves monuments’. In collaboration with the Dutch service for cultural monuments, Wikimedia Nederland created lists on Wikipedia and asked people to enrich our media archive.

The result of ‘Wiki loves monuments’ 2010 were more than 12,000 photographs of monuments and ten happy winners of our contest, honoured at the Wikiminiconferentie in Utrecht in November. And if it was such a success, why not repeat it on a Europe wide scale?

On Wikimedia Commons exists a place for the international cooperation, with interested Wikimedians already from Spain, Poland and other countries. In the single countries, the Wikimedians have made progress very differently. The Swiss already have great Wikipedia lists with many pictures and object data, the people in Luxembourg hardly anything. In Germany, cultural heritage is registered usually on state level, the Wikipedians will have to ask more than 16 institutions to share their data.

New and better lists on Wikipedia, much more photographs on Wikimedia Commons; more contributors, more attention for cultural monuments. It sounds like a win-win-opportunity for Wikimedia and cultural instituions as well.


3 thoughts on “Wiki loves monuments goes Europe

  1. There is an ongoing discussion about organising the initiative in Poland. We are in an alpha phase at the moment, but I’ll keep you informed 😉
    PS. The book about Chopin that I’ve mentioned to you will be shipped to Poznan this week and I will take care of sending it to you.
    Kind regards,

  2. It’s not only a win-win situation or both Wikipedia and whichever organisation that is in charge of cultural heritage, but it was also fun to take part. 🙂

  3. I am looking forward, Tomasz! Martin, it was, especially when in September I took photographs of monuments and talked to the volounteers about Wikipedia and Commons.

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