Mini conference in Utrecht


Arnoud Engelfriet at Wikiminiconferentie 2010

What are you allowed to do with pictures, how to draw colleagues to Wikipedia, and what tools to use when dealing with windmills – if you have such questions in mind, the Wikiminiconferentie in Utrecht would have been a great opportunity for you.

It replaces a ‘real’ conference as it was hold by Wikimedia Nederland for the last time in 2008. The main event was the presentation of the winners of ‘Wiki loves monuments‘, the photo contest that brought us more than 12,000 pictures.

Some 30 or (late the day) 35 participants came to a city cut from the railway transport system by a fire in an operator building the previous day. On the Wikipedia organization page 50 had registered.

‘I could have asked Arnoud Engelfriet like two hundred questions’, a Wikimedian later said. Engelfriet is an internet lawyer who explained some tricky things about copyright. For example, Dutch law allows you to take a picture of famous Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam ‘as it stands there’. If you photoshop distracting buildings in the background away, or alter the appearance of the bridge, you no longer present the bridge as it stands there, so you would infringe the copyright (or, more exactly, the ”auteursrecht’) of the architect.

Erik Zachte, chief analyst of Wikimedia Foundation, presented figures, facts and flaws around Wikipedia statistics and what some people make of it. Sebastiaan ter Burg is a photographer publishing under a Creative Commons licence, André Kopal wrote a tool for the Wikipedia windmill project, Josq talked about how to talk your colleagues in to Wikipedia, and I presented what Wikimedia Deutschland is doing with schools.


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