Wikipedia and Amazon: a sad story

Some weeks ago, Amazon buyers made a very negative experience. They bought a book about their favourite subject (example) and had to realize that the ‘book’ contained nothing but Wikipedia articles.

The pricy books come from publishers such as Betascript Publishing and Books LLC. Among the more than thousand books many lack any editing or are even automatically translated. The trick: They do provide licence and naming of the authors (or a link) inside the book, but the buyers at Amazon cannot see that. One of my mentees belongs to the victims.

Wikimedia Deutschland has no plans to counteract these practices. According to them, it is up to Amazon to provide more information in order to prevent customers from becoming discontented.





2 thoughts on “Wikipedia and Amazon: a sad story

  1. The book in question here has not only a title with errors but also a rather explicit description “Das Buch besteht aus Wikipedia-Artikeln” combined with the promise of a membership in a book club. I must confess I don’t pity someone who shells out € 20,- without looking, but envy their apparent affluence.

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