OpenRheinRuhr 2010


Mini helicopter on OpenRheinRuhr
A miniature helicopter, steered by open source software


OpenRheinRuhr is an annual convention in the Rhein Ruhr metropolitan region, western Germany. This year it took place in Oberhausen, in a museum about industrial history.

The fair hosts stands of open source software projects, for example Ubuntu and Open Street Map. had a stand, intentionally placed a little remote from the LibreOffice people. Still, both groups showed no hostilities to each other, and I was advised to have a look in December and decide which office suite pleases me more.

I had a chat with the publisher of my Wikipedia text-book, attended the keynote by Martin Haase about Free Culture, and talked about ‘Wikipedia: Aspirations and reality”. Given that quite some guys in the audience were ‘victims’ of article deletions, the atmosphere was good. People were even open to the idea that even an ‘open’ encyclopedia must have certain restrictions.


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