How conservative is that?

We are frequently told that Encyclopedia Britannica was a conservative work because of a dedication to the king of England. In monarchies, though, it is quite common that things are dedicated to the monarch without making them conservative in peticular.

By the way, when I looked at the EB of 1998, I read the following:

Dedicated by permission to

William J. Clinton

President of the United States of America


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

(EB, 15th ed., Propaedia)

A profane citizen of a former colony is mentioned first, and Majesty comes second? How conservative is that?


2 thoughts on “How conservative is that?

    1. Ah, I see. In 1911 the monarch was still mentioned first, alas I don’t have access to more editions to check a) when the President was added and b) when the President was put first. Do you know more about?

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