A sound advent calendar on German Wikipedia

An early advent calendar, brought to the German speaking nations in October 2010 by the German Central Library for the Blind (DZB, Leipzig).  As reported, every day ‘the article of the day’ has a spoken version. But why don’t they mention the speakers?

DZB director Thomas Kahlisch told me in an interview for the Wikipedia:Kurier that he was approached by Wikimedia Deutschland. Thanks to the DZB supporters association it was possible to produce the spoken versions of the October articles. The idea is to motivate Wikipedians to speak themselves.

DZB changed nothing in the articles (e.g. for making them more suitable to spoken language), ‘it is not up to us to do that’. They also had no part in choosing the articles. The names of the speakers are not indicated, indeed, but according to Kahlisch, this is not by purpose. He will have a look whether the names can still be added.

The Wikipedians commenting on the Kurier talk page are extremely enthusiast. Professional speakers give our articles a very special, a very elegant sound. This is what the texts deserve (listen to part 1 of this article about medieval emperor Henry III) .

If the Wikipedians are interested, Kahlisch could imagine that there will be in future seminars to train them speaking (more) articles by themselves. It is a difficult job needing some support.

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