Skillshare impressions

Nadine Stark’s contribution to Planet Wikimedia reminded me of something I wanted to do… Here some impressions from Skillshare Lüneburg (June 4-6th, 2010).

Nadine Stark presents a t-shirt with VIP signatures
Lüneburg (close to Hamburg) was largely untouched by WWII bombing.
Panel talk. With Ting Chen (Wikimedia Foundation), Kai Gniffke (ARD News), Martin Warnke (University Lüneburg), Bundestag Members of three different parties.
Ting Chen, Board of Trustees of Wikimedia Foundation, at the panel talk on Sunday. He explained why he does not intend to go back to China: because he does not want to live in a country without free access to the internet.
Wilhelm-Raabe-School, named after a famous 19th century writer, in North German neo renaissance brick stone style. A dream especially for those of us who went to a school build in the 1960s.
Technology Center of the artisans association, where most of the guests stayed
Alice Chodura talked about her experiences with giving classes in schools. One of the many young talents at Skillshare.
Skillsharian Alice Chodura with Kai Gniffke who talked about reliability of sources and other subjects. Gniffke is head of the news office of Germany's major TV station.
Tim Moritz Hektor, member of Skillshare "Orga-Team" and distinguished admin on German language Wikipedia.
Olaf Simons lead the Wikimedian's activities at the city archives.
Scanning maps and more in the city archives, a former residence of Germany's Central Bank
Little pieces of art, everywhere you go in Lüneburg.
How to deal with conflicts in Wikipedia? Mediator Alex Krohn taught us some lessons. Mediation does not mean to solve a conflict, he explained, but to make the antagonists to find a solution together. Here the room before the workshop started, because many Wikimedians don't like being photographed.
Another Skillshare organisator: Olaf Kosinky
"They are afraid of you." Well prepared tourist guides showed their city. Here just three out of 15 (!).

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